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Playing Catch Up: The Impact of Government Shut-Down on Immigration

impact of government shut-down on immigration

The recent government shut-down put 86,000 immigration cases on hold. Now, immigration courts are faced with the challenge of getting through all of these cases…plus the 800,000 that are still pending. Immigration law attorneys and experts agree that it could take years to get caught up. Years!

Imagine you are one of the immigration cases that was cancelled due to the shut down. Chances are that applying for an immigrant visa or green card was a big, huge, important part of your life—maybe the biggest thing you had going on. And now imagine that big, huge, important part of your life just got put on hold…for years!

Imagine, like one family of four, that you were seeking asylum in America because your family had been targeted by a gang in Central America. You had been waiting two years for your hearing. It was cancelled due to the government shut-down, pushed back for another six months.


And what’s more devastating is the fact that, because immigration law is in such flux right now, it could change before many of the affected cases are heard.

And what’s even more devastating is that the government could shut down again after February 15, 2019 if Washington can’t find a resolution to borders wall funding.

President Trump has proposed a plan that would add 75 immigration judges to the system. However, that plan would also prevent many immigrants from entering the country in the first place, and prevent those already in the U.S. from bringing their cases to court.

There is no proposed solution that would serve both immigrants, immigration attorneys and judges, and our country, all at once.

If you are hoping to apply for a visa or green card, it’s more important than ever to find an immigration attorney to help. Even though wait times will be longer than ever, probably for a while to come, an immigration attorney can still help get your case pushed through faster than those who attempt to manage the process themselves. Not only that, but while immigration law is so up in the air, a qualified and experienced attorney will know better how to navigate the system and improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

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