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Every adult needs estate planning because every adult has an estate. Your estate is comprised of everything you own--from something as small as your favorite coffee mug to something as large as your home. Estate planning can also provide protection for your business and your employees. 


Estate planning helps you protect what you have for the duration of your life and also helps you leave instructions on how your property will be handled after your death. No matter how large or how modest your estate is, everyone has an estate and none of your belongings can be taken with you after death. 


To ensure your wishes are carried out, instructions you create during your lifetime will state whom you want to receive something of yours, what you want them to receive, and when they are to receive it. This allows you to remain in control. You will, of course, want this to happen with the least amount paid in taxes, legal fees, and court costs. 

Choudhury Law is here to help and guide you with Estate Planning needs.

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