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Amena is a first generation United States citizen born to immigrant parents from Bangladesh and Pakistan. She also lived at the American Airbase in Saudi Arabia for approximately 14 years. She fluently speaks Bengali, Urdu and Hindi. Amena understands the need to help immigrants and their families and treats every client with complete confidentiality and respect. 


Amena earned a B.A. degree in Government from Smith College in 1996 and graduated top of her class as a Donnelly Distinguished Graduate with a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems from Lawrence Technological Institute in 2003. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 2007 and is admitted to the U.S. District of Northern Ohio. 


amena a. choudhury



riddhi patel

Law Clerk

As a first generation American and college graduate, Riddhi is passionate about bridging the gap between the law and members of her local community. Riddhi aims to provide empathy, clarity, and options for clients while considering their cultural norms. She is fluent in Gujarati, conversational in Hindi, and dedicated to understanding every client no matter the language barrier. 


Riddhi is a first year law student at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. She earned her undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University in Business with a specialization in Supply Chain Management in 2019.

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