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How to Help Immigrants in Your Community…Without Needing a Law Degree

impact of government shut-down on immigration

Amena is one of Ohio’s most compassionate immigration attorneys. Prior to starting her own practice, she was employed by a private Social Security Disability firm, and also worked in both the Public Defender’s Juvenile Division and a private criminal defense firm. Her background is one of helping others, because she loves to give her time to those in need.

Immigration is a cause near and dear to Amena’s heart, which is why she chose to pursue this legal path. But you don’t need a law degree to make a difference in the lives of immigrants. If immigration is something you care about, then here are some actions you can take in your local community, to show your support:

1. Call your U.S. Senators and Representatives. Let them know that immigrants are valuable to the community, and that we should welcome them with open arms.

2. Write an op-ed. Write an editorial for your local newspaper discussing your opinions about how immigrants contribute great things to society, and the value they bring to your town.

3. Support your local organizations. Support or donate to local organizations that help refugees and immigrants. Help them learn their rights within your community.

4. Host a dinner. Invite the newcomers of the neighborhood to join the residents of your town for a welcoming dinner. Food, after all, is a universal language!

5. Use social media. Post to Facebook and Instagram, or Tweet about your support for refugees and immigrants, or share posts from your local organizations.

6. Organize neighborhood get-togethers. Open a dialogue, discussing the issues surrounding immigration and how your neighborhood can support immigrants and create a welcoming environment.

The current socio-economic climate of our nation is unstable, and the status of immigration law is arguable even more so. Taking inspired action to change the reality of immigration in your own community doesn’t require years of law school, or hefty financial investments. It just requires the will to do good, and the time and energy to invest in a few small (but powerful) actions that could impact the lives of refugees and immigrants in your home town.

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